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When French – Armenian Designer Alain Mikli, opened his first studio in 1978 Paris with goals to design inspiring eyewear, he never could have guessed the success that was about to come rolling in. And continue to so into the 21st century His designs have always been synonymous with colour, shape and above all uniqueness, which quickly attracted high profile attention. By 1983, global superstars and icons such as Elton John were wearing Mikli glasses for all to see. Mikli has never looked back. More recently, Kanye West commissioned a pair of Mikli shades for the video of his hit single ‘Stronger’. A man famed for his style as much as his music, Kanye West recognized Mikli’s innovative designs and brought them to the forefront of popular culture once again.

With Mikli’s glasses being described as ‘art for your face’, one knows to only expect the most revolutionary and unique glasses. Made from a material that you can bend and manipulate into different shapes, the fear of snapping your glasses disappears.

So what does have Mikli have in common with architectural designer Phillipe Starck?  For both, their works are labors of love and they each have an innate ability to recognize what we want before we realize it ourselves. So it was a match made in design heaven. A sought after architect Philippe Starck was asked to design specs and shades for the illustrious Alain Milk. With fabulous results, Starck Eye was born. Whatever Starck turns his hand to, be it a hotel, restaurant, object d’art or glasses, he is known for wanting his creations to be ‘good’ before beautiful, but always achieves both.

And so when these two creative icons joined forces to create their eyewear collection, they didn’t disappoint. These glasses have been created with a unique spring hinge that is designed around the concept of the human shoulder, allowing both horizontal and vertical movement. Made from titanium and Mazuchelli acetate, this collaboration presents us with frames that are professional but still creative and unique. A true investment in the style stakes if there ever was one.


Visit Silverberg’s, opposite the Met Quarter, where their experts can talk you through the whole range.



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