Atomic Kitten & Liverpool Dental Spa Set To Put On Charity Night

In the Rif Mountains, North Africa, there are over 500 hundred children in desperate need of emergency dental care. While people in the UK are scared of the dentist, these children do not have that luxury. Their community is also in desperate need of an ambulance. Currently, they have to make a perilous journey by foot up and down the steep mountain if they are ever in need of medical care.

This is where the Liverpool Dental Spa come in. The Spa, renowned throughout the country as one of the best pain free dental practices with countless celebrity clients, is hosting a fundraising dinner at the Liverpool Hilton Hotel on the 2nd March 2013. The Liverpool Dental Spa Mavericks Dinner is aiming to raise enough money to send their expert team out to North Africa to treat the children. Furthermore, they hope to be able to purchase an ambulance for the local community which will aid future trips.

The night itself will include a three – course dinner, a secret auction, raffle prizes and entertainment from the one and only Atomic Kitten! That’s right. Natasha, Liz and Kerry will once more be whole again in their first public performance in 12 years!

£950 for a table of 10, with individual tickets available too. To buy tickets contact or call 0151 236 8280


So everyone, please help to make the lives of these children “whole again” with Atomic Kitten and The Liverpool Dental Spa.

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