Behind the Lens with Kirstie McNulty


They say a picture can say a thousand words and that certainly might be true.  However it’s not often that people question how a picture or image ended up looking the way  it does to provoke those said “thousand” words. And in terms of fashion photography it also usually takes a team of people and planning before you even make it on set to create the image. So with that said,  Private Life decided to get to know the creatives behind the scenes  a bit better and sit them down for a quick tete a tete to disclose what it’s like to be a creative in the North West. Photographer Kirstie McNulty, Private Life’s contributing photographer for the main fashion spread in Issue II and upcoming Issue III tells us more about herself and her experience behind the lens.


How did you get into photography?

I was temping at a company specialising in batteries and they sold Fuji Cameras as a side line.  I thought what a cool job to be a photographer so made it my mission to make that my profession.  So I worked as a photographic assistant and learnt my trade.
Do you participate in any other artistic mediums?
Yes, I draw, write poems and have designed dresses. All private, just for fun!
behind the scenes twit pic on set
What is the most interesting brief you’ve received for a shoot?

A gothic studio shoot with tonnes of branches and a stuffed bird, it had to be lit, stark and moody. Its amazing what lighting can do to a handful of branches, a stuffed eagle (and a beautiful model of course).
What brand or person would you love to work with?

Brand: Alexander McQueen, the designs are stunning and innovative.  His fashion shows are breath taking, it’s like a piece of theatre.

Who would you name as your favourite photographer, past or present?

David Standish
Who is your favourite model currently?
Karen Elson, she’s northern, beautiful and an amazing singer.  I would love to shoot an album cover for her.
Can you describe what it is like being a photographer in the North West?

Exciting. It’s so connected here and there’s so much talent that there are always new adventures on the horizon.
What would you tell your teenage self?

Get out of bed.
What advice do you have for those wanting to enter creative/media fields here in the North West. 

Believe in yourself, be motivated and determined. Always question your work and how you can improve.  Oh and don’t believe the hype.

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