Foodies flock to Liverpool’s 2015 food and drink festival

Sefton Park’s annual food and drink festival has once again cemented Liverpool’s status as a foodie mecca. The festival, held last weekend and very well attended despite some typically grey weather, saw an exciting assortment of the city’s restaurants, bars and cafes set up pop-up stalls selling their usual delicious eats, with an edgier street food twist. Indie favourites like Bold Street’s Maray and Mowgli sat alongside popular Northern chains such as Thai eatery Chaophraya, all attracting winding queues of peckish festival-goers. Perhaps more worthy of a visit though were more authentic street food vendors (one can, after all, visit the city centre’s eateries any of the day of the week and enjoy the same food for very similar or even cheaper prices) such as Hafla Hafla, who always delight with their delicious falafel, lamb and halloumi burgers and sweet potato fries garnished beautifully with pine nuts, tahini and an optional spicy sauce (although the latter were a little pricey at, if this reviewer recalls correctly, £4 a pop).

Sweet Potato Fries


Perhaps more impressive though was the great emporium of artisan groceries and goods on offer throughout the weekend. By the end of the day, Private Life may or may not have accumulated an eccentric assortment of local homemade peanut butter (in honey and sea salt flavour – it cannot be recommended enough) by Funky Nut, a chia seed loaf courtesy of East Avenue Bakehouse (a vehicle for the PB, obviously), a device promising to do amazing things with garlic (chop, grind, make a paste!), various chocolates and cheeses, some pretty tasty pork apple sausages and one of those spiralizer things you see on the TV (’cause courgette spaghetti is always a good idea).  If only Tesco was that exciting.

That’s not to mention the appearances by various celebrity chefs and personalities including, but not limited to, Valentine Warner and Rachel Khoo, who both attracting packed tents of curious food-enthusiasts.

Overall, Liverpool’s annual food and drink fest was well worth a few hours of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Although lacking compared to similar events in larger cities like Manchester or London where street food (as opposed to pop-ups of existing restaurants) truly rules, it is very clear that Liverpool knows fabulous food and that gorgeous Sefton Park is the perfect venue to discover or rediscover that. 4 out of 5 stars!



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