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Body Balance at David Lloyd Leisure is a fantastic class. It is the perfect mix of Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi all set to fabulous music. I have done Body Balance type classes for many years and thoroughly love the “yogalates” aspect of the class. Those who find Yoga too slow, but aren’t into the rigorous aspects of Pilates will love this holistic class. Strength, flexibility, breathing and music – it’s all there in one flowing package.

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Body Balance is a dynamic Yoga-based stretching program that leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed. It combines the fundamental principles and practices of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi such as controlled breathing, concentration, flexibility and strength training to create a holistic workout that brings the body, mind and soul into a state of balance and harmony.

Body Balance is a class you can really get into. The music is inspiring and the poses and various exercises flow into one another well. It is really a class you’d like to repeat each week in order to improve your routine. The class is high in female attendance but I would highly recommend the men give it a go. Jake my partner in fitness crime was all smiles at 9am but lamented an hour later just how challenging he found it. He too was looking forward to taking the class again to master his moves. I found that to be so exciting, that he saw the benefit of including this type of class in his fitness regime. Men who customarily prefer weights and high impact workouts can and will see just how great this class can be for their fitness. Focus and flexibility whilst breathing and strength training is harder than it seems, but I think it’s the lack of flexibility that gets them and they turn to a “yogalates” type class to improve. Body Balance is fabulous in so many ways for all fitness levels.

I said I loved the class, the style of class and the music but now lets move on to what’s really important. The instructor, the person who is essential to a good fitness workout. Nicky Gill was our girl this particular 9am class. She is the Queen of Fitness at David Lloyd Leisure in Speke and has the body and moves to prove it. She has been with the club for 10 years and it showed. She told me she teaches 11 classes now that she has gone back to the corporate world. “Eleven!” I thought – on top of a day job! WOW. So it is only natural that Nicky has bountiful enthusiasm and love for her work. Oh and then there is the technique (envious) and passion (noted). She even brought along a Jo Malone scented candle to class. A perfect detail for a class like Body Balance and just a little sign that she really loves her work. Her love for her work is evident in her energy or aura, it is infectious and just what you need in the morning after an hours drive in the rain to get to class.

Nicky’s classes are notoriously hard to get into and now I know why. I’ve heard she has waiting lists for her classes and the Nicky devotees are known to get upset when people are no shows and waste class spaces. This is because those on the waiting list would love to be in class. FYI: I am still waiting to get into her step class!

I have included a link to a video clip to help show the amazing balance of this class. The mix of strength and flexibility that leaves you centered and relaxed is fabulous in my books.


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