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MARTIN aka “Mars” Personal Trainer exellence 

A personal training session or PT as it’s known in fitness circles was on tap for me this week at David Lloyd Leisure. As I continue my fitness journey with the David Lloyd Leisure outpost in Speke, I can honestly say the gym truly lives up to its mission statement. I personally love fitness centres,  as I find them to be an integral part of my everyday life. And I am also finding that DLL is an integral member of the many Liverpool families who enjoy the facilities together.  It’s a leisure centre, a meeting point, a place for kids, a great place for mums in between school runs and a top notch racquet and tennis club that draws many people for pleasure, training, and a touch of competitiveness spirit. After the racquets  are put away, protein shakes and coffees are enjoyed in the lounge and an old school vibe of a members athletic club sets in. It’s fabulous!

So that said, all suited and booted, I enthusiastically reported for my workout mid afternoon with my trainer Martin. I was slightly nervous about my fitness levels, but nonetheless quite excited to turn into Gwyneth Paltrow after an hour with Martin.

Martin I was told had been nominated for the PT Hero of the Year 2012. Fabulous! Gwyneth arms and rockstar husband here I come! The PT Hero award is a yearly competition held between all David Lloyd Leisure gyms, where one trainer and one client pair are chosen per location and essentially compete against the other. Martin’s client Karen has gone on to lose 7 stone working out with Martin. His speciality is weight loss and weight management and I guess that is true. CONGRATS Karen!!!

Before getting started Martin asked me some questions about my past fitness regimes (I was an ice skater) and if I had any injuries he should be aware of (bad ankles from skating). We then began the workout with one of six fitness principles Martin follows with all his clients, hitting each of them throughout the session and ticking that particular “exercise box” until all are achieved.

An aside: General Manager Jake was alongside to support and/or chuckle throughout the PT session. There was only a slight competitiveness but that goes with the territory as Jake is a fitness and sport fanatic and likes to win. Martin did a bit of egging on, shouting “you get what you put in” a fitness motto he lives by. It’s true and as you get older the precious time you are able to spend in the gym around work and family needs to be used wisely. There is no sense turning up and not sweating. We did take some time to tweet throughout the session but that was only when we were catching our breath. It worked out well, a 30 second break was the perfect amount of time to send a tweet. (If you have any health or fitness questions please tweet Martin,  he welcomes them @mjpt_liv ask anything!)

So the pair of us worked our way through a series of exercises in line with these principles. The best bit is that the time sails by and you are not subjected to endless reps of free weights while contemplating what to eat for dinner. The exercises require focus, and coordination and are actually fun in a painful sort of way.

We did all kinds of things. We did bits with medicine balls, kettle bells, step boxes, the power plate and balance balls.  David Lloyd Leisure in Speke has a vast array of bells and whistles to workout with,  making the sessions challenging and extremely engaging. Gone are the days of massive machines and hours on the treadmill. You can achieve more with a few “principles”, creativity and hard work.

THE PRINCIPLES- Martin’s personal training session break down:

  1. Warm up and stretch- mobilization of joints.
  2. Core activation – exercises to engage your core.
  3. Leg strength training exercises.
  4. Upper body exrcises – 1 pull motion and 1 push motion exercise.
  5. Single leg exercises –  tests your balance and also engages your core.
  6. Conditioning exercise- interval training which is a timed exercise rather than repetition based, one that raises the  heart rate, like the power plate.

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