John Lennon’s music is not the only thing living on today and inspiring the masses. The legend’s tooth is also out in the public, currently on tour to raise awareness for oral cancer. The tooth is visiting 16 dental practices across the UK to promote oral cancer awareness.

Quirky dentist Michael Zuk from Canada, a collector of celebrity teeth, created this not so typical tour. (He is also the proud owner of Elvis Presley’s crowns) Zuk purchased the tooth at an auction in Southport for £19,000 in November 2011. He then turned parts of the tooth into three designer pendants (or unique DNA jewellery as he calls it) by Hollywood jeweller Ari Soffer now valued at £15,725 each.

The Liverpool Dental Spa on Brunswick Street is a celebrated stop on the nationwide tour, welcoming the Beatle’s DNA pendant from January 8 to January 10 2013. In Conjunction with “Beatles Mania Week” the spa will be offering free mouth screenings as part of Mouth Cancer Action Month during the two days it plays host to the celebrity tooth.

Mouth Cancer kills an average of 1,700 people in the UK every year. This quirky and cool tour also supports a very serious message, oral cancer is on the rise and educating the public is a must.

The Liverpool Dental Spa’s Debbie and Marius McGovern, said, “We have utilized ‘Beatles Mania Week to offer people a chance to diagnose mouth cancer before it’s too late. Visitors to the Spa will even get to wear John Lennon’s tooth around their neck and have their picture taken as they are screened for oral cancer. We are proud to be the only Liverpool dentist involved in this important campaign – and of course – we are delighted to welcome any part of John home and to add to his amazing legacy”.

This untraditional method is sure to make an impact just like the music of John Lennon. To be part of this unique initiative please get in touch with the team at the Liverpool Dental Spa 0151 236 8280

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