Keeping To That New Year Fitness Resolution

fitness in the new year

Fitness and health related New Years resolutions are most likely the most famous of the bunch. But where are we by February? It is not always easy to stay motivated even the biggest fitness buffs will tell you. Now that it is February and 2013 is well underway Personal Trainer Martin Jones from David Lloyd Leisure in Speke is passing on a few tips to keep fit and continue on with the New Year, New You attitude.

Here’s what Martin would like to share.

Winter is a time we often feel lethargic or even like hibernating, and it can derail us from the New Year’s fitness goals we made for ourselves. It is now February, so here are few tips to get you on the path or keep you going strong!

1)    Set your goals- set yourself a realistic goal of where you would like to be in 3 months time. From there, break this timescale down to 3, 4 week sections and introduce 3-4 sub goals to try to achieve each 4 week cycle. Ask yourself these questions and set your goals accordingly:

·  What dress size/weight would you like to be?

·  What barriers could potentially get in the way?

·  Who do you need to speak to before you start (e.g. doctor, physiotherapist, personal trainer)?

·  Realistically, how many times can you exercise a week?

2)    A New Year, A new diet- a few small changes to your diet can bring a massive change to your body shape. Try these simple changes.

·  Drink 2 liters of water a day. (trust us it works)

·  4 small meals throughout the day

·  1g of protein per kg of your body weight everyday

·  Cut out temptations i.e. chocolate, fizzy drinks and alcohol

·  Vegetables-5+ everyday

And remember, a good plan can make this process very easy if you stick with it. Following a simple set of rules and being organized in your time and preparation will make this new year a great start to a new you.


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