LIVE REVIEW: Little Mix, Echo Arena

Little Mix
IT’S the question on everyone’s lips – what WILL they be wearing? Glitter? Lycra? Nothing at all (or at least, almost)?

No, ladies and gentleman, the four gals pals are in fact clad in… pyjamas. Yep, you read correctly.

But not for long.

A whole lot of dry ice and a pyrotechnic bang later and the foursome are propelled into the air on acrobatic wires where they whip off their nightwear to reveal sparkling leotards, breaking into their opening song ‘Grown’.

This opening sequence is a premonition of the night to come. No expense is spared for the nation’s biggest girl band, as their set is awash with visual spectacles – smoke machines, flamethrowers, fireworks and bursts of confetti. Impressive dance routines and costume changes are abundant as they fire through their biggest hits – ‘DNA’, ‘Wings’ and ‘Love Me Like You’.

However, it’s on the stripped down songs where the girls impress most. The one thing that sets Little Mix apart from other girl bands is the fact that they can actually sing live. None more apparent than the vocal masterclass they give for ‘Secret Love Song’.

Looking out on to the audience during final song ‘Black Magic, thousands of young girls are on their seats, dancing, screaming and having the time of their lives – even some mums and dads too. It’s a night out for the families. This is harmless, bedazzling pop fun.


Words: Scott Smith.

Little Mix returns to Liverpool on 14th and 21st of April. For more information, go to

Little Mix

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