Prime Your Skin: A New Saviour from Dermalogica

New Product from Dermalogica

As we age, it is a sad fact of life that our skin looses its elastin and collagen strength decreases, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Not what we want at all!  Thankfully, the incredibly talented team over at Dermalogica has come up with a solution. Let us introduce you to Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 (launching in salons this month!)

This new dual action primer smoothes and conditions your skin correcting any surface irregularities. It can be worn underneath your make-up or even by itself. Thanks to its light diffusing pearl powder, it smoothes and adds luminosity to your skin tone, whilst polymers prime the surface to create a soft matte effect.

But not only does this revolutionary product work on the outwards appearance of your skin, it also works to combat the underlying causes of skin ageing, it protects your skin from any further damage, stimulates collagen replenishment AND helps to keep your skin hydrated. All with a SPF 30. Phew. This cutting edge professional skin care technology with polished cosmetic effect is probably the hardest working product out there. Furthermore, its unique combination of antioxidant white tea, peptides and Sodium Hyaluronate works to protect your skin from any further damage.

This is a primer unlike any you’ve used before. When purchasing a product from Dermalogica, you always know you’re getting a quality product, but the Age Smart Skin Perfector Primer packs more than a punch. It packs hydration, conditioning, smoothing, protection, and replenishment. You name it, this primer does it.


Head down to Urban Calm where their experts can talk you through the whole Dermalogica range while you grab your Age Smart Skin Perfecter Primer before it sells out.


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