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Bold Street is,  for lack of a better word “bold”.   Vibrant, quirky, and marching to the beat of its own drum. Nestled among the shops ‘o’ plenty aligning the street,  is an emporium of fun. Girly, fierce, and unabashedly bright, Claudia Pink’s jewellery shop could be seen as a good representation of the local Liver Birds themselves, but in shop form. Inside you’ll find “in your face” designs (in the best way) made by the lady of the house herself. There is always something if not many  things for everyone (and at pink perfect prices).

With her pink hair, sometimes a cherry hue or sometimes raspberry, but always bold (there’s that word again), Claudia Pink’s pieces make a statement.  The word bold does describe her jewellery and her customers. However, she does maintain that she has an array of customers,  some more daring than others but all sharing a sparkling quality about them.

Having been in the trade for 12 years, Claudia began making jewellery when her mother’s friend asked her to turn a broach into a bracelet. Like magic it was a hit and Claudia soon had a Sunday stall at the Heritage Market, then shops in Quiggins, The Met Quarter  and finally landing at her current premises. Loyal customers have followed her, picking up pieces for everyday, special events and commissioning her to make one offs for that extra bit of speciality.

Claudia’s speciality lies beyond the beautiful jewels and into her customer service and vision. She will make anything for her customer and can usually turn things around very quickly. She’s an old soul at heart, a little bit hippie and this shows in her love for what she does and the details. Her nature helps to calm frantic girls down who come in for the perfect something for a friends wedding in just two days time. They are  relieved when told their custom Hindi inspired hair jewellery will be ready the following evening. Claudia says “I bring a hint of tribal instinct to modern jewellery, and find mass production a little soulless.” So her special touch and phenomanal customer service goes a long way.

She is inspired by her travels, especially the markets in India, Morocco, Turkey and beyond. Claudia has come full circle in a way, “I have just sold pieces to the Middle East, having been inspired by them and bringing their style to Liverpool they are now wanting it back with my stamp on it.” She has also supplied her designs to fashion shows at top end venues in Ibiza where her eclectic daring designs are welcomed warmly. A perfect fit for the bold yet hippie chic designer.


Late autumn will see the launch of her new Semi Precious Collection. A new direction for the artist who says this has been in the works for years but feels the time is now right. The Semi Precious Collection will attract a new customer giving Claudia the best of both worlds. The new collection will allow Claudia to play with smaller proportions with a more timeless feel for a woman perhaps a touch older,  and a little more demure,  but one who still has a bold vibe. This will complement her faster, trendier costume collection that lines the shop today. The new semi precious stone pieces will range from £50 -£150 and is actually a separate, stand-alone collection. Different from her normal methods, Claudia has never had collections or seasonal offerings. It’s a constant stream and flow of pieces being created for the shop on a daily basis.  The new collection will of course keep to her principles; expertly sourced or made by her, full of individuality, and make a statement.

Statement jewellery is very on trend at the moment and Claudia says her top sellers are the vintage charm necklaces. Chunky necklaces in general are used to dress up an outfit at the moment but the vintage charms allow for further personalisation. There has also been a huge fan base developing for her unique jewel tops which resemble a very opulent coat of armour. One of Claudia’s gifts is her ability to spot trends. She has an innate sense of what style is going to take off and is able to turn that around quickly for her customers. She was at the eye of the “big ring” storm four years ago and responsible for the statement rings on the hands of the girls in town.

Claudia Pink’s bold designs, kick ass attitude and hippie chic soul have carried her through to success. It is this that helps to maintain the independent boutique ethos very much needed in the city centre. There is something for everyone in her emporium, bold pieces that speak to the individual but still hold a small piece of the bold Claudia Pink herself.



Quick Shop Girl Q&A

What is the best part of the job? No one tells me what to do!

What did you want to be at age 10? An archeologist

What is your favourite shop of all time? One I’ve never been to, or will be able to go to. It’s Biba!

What notable person past or present would you want to see in the shop? Beyonce, Lady Gaga but also Sandra Rhodes who’s a huge inspiration and Barbara Halunicki (creator of Biba)

If the shop had a theme song what would it be? A Balearic song called La Mezcla

What is your favourite piece in the store at the moment? I love them all!

What would be your Plan B? A furniture designer

What is your life motto? Ask, believe, give, receive

What is  the best advice you’ve ever been given? It’s from my Dad who has always said never try and be anyone else. Always be yourself, proud and confident in who you are.

What advice would you give someone in Liverpool looking to open a shop? Find something that is different and special. Start small and stay in your depth.


Claudia Pink is located at:

84 Bold Street 

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