Tourist in My Own City: Robin Clewley

In an effort to uncover some new or perhaps hidden gems in Liverpool, Private Life is launching this new online feature. We are asking the city’s taste makers, creatives and influencers what they’d do on a precious day off or got the chance to act like a tourist in their own city.  Taking this maiden voyage is a creative who prefers to stay behind the lens.

Name: Robin Clewley

Age: 28

Location: Liverpool

Profession: Photographer


Photographer Robin Clewley is a Tattoo ‘n’ Tequila kinda guy I found out while on set for a shoot with the magazine. Instantly intrigued I signed him up for this feature as I was keen to find out  just what he does in his spare time. The tattoos I saw but  the tequila I couldn’t picture. He’s soft spoken, cute as a button and a doting dad, but I knew there was a rockstar  inside that was just at rest.  Robin is a creative, photography is his medium but he practices other forms in his spare time. He’s adorned with a bit of body art and often photographs musicians (also considered artists) which basically shows he is surrounded by art all the time in some way or another.  So what did this hip and happening person (my words) say are his hip and happening hang outs (also my words)?


Well….  he can be found having a drink (Rum not Tequila) at Santa Chupitos or El Bandito the Tequila bars on the corner of Slater + Parr Streets or hip haunt The Shipping Forecast.
If it’s family day he will take his son Oscar and daughter Matilda and their dog for a walk near his home up by the Cathedral (the pretty one)

If it’s date night, he will take his wife for something to eat at The Quarter, and then off to a night at Leaf on Bold Street. Robin frequents an open mic night at Leaf called “Out of the Bedroom” hosted by Johhny Sands. He also tips me off to another Johnny Sands open mic night at Camp and Furnace that is worth the journey to the Baltic Triangle.

Being a creative and a photographer he gets to mix business with pleasure when he photographs bands for music magazine Bido Lito. He has even snapped his tattooist Karl of Liverpool Ink and his band The Broken Lungs when they played in Liverpool, sounds very Rock n Roll to us. A mix of fun, work, and creativity at the progressively cool watering holes in Liverpool.

Not a bad job description and day off spent with either loved ones, cocktails or the job he loves.





For more information on Robin and his work visit: 

Follow Robin @robiscamera

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