WORDS: Rachel Toner

Bringing the ninth edition of contemporary visual arts, the Liverpool Biennial reopens today and is set to illuminate, inform and tell the tale of our creative and diverse city.

Stroll our proudly famed Granby 4 Streets, museum hop on the Albert Dock, or visit the city’s many historic buildings, Liverpool has a confident connection with the world of art. This Biennial, artists have paid Liverpool’s neoclassical designers their dues, from whom we inherited that confidence which put us right in the centre of the cultural map.

Tate Liverpool in particular, are the venue playing host to that appreciation. On the first floor of the modern and contemporary art gallery, you’ll now be stepping into Ancient Greece – with an interesting twist of course, this is Biennial! So what’s on show?

Connecticut born Betty Woodman’s colourful mural immediately jumps out to the visual eye, suspended at length against the back wall. Ceramic vases, iconic of ancient times, protrude from the wide canvas, forging a connection between the Grecians and our 2016 selves. Andreas Angelidakis’ film again considers Ancient pottery, drawing parallels between their historic function as objects who’s engravings brought news from far off lands and their likeness to our instant social media feeds today.

Random objects and litter, also scatter the gallery. A battered and much loved old suitcase stands deserted in the corner, with a clear few tales to tell. A reminder perhaps, of the importance the past, in a portal where Liverpool’s history, present and future cleverly link.

The time capsule doesn’t stop at the Tate though and the Biennial’s 44 artists are about to explore the theme all across the city – Enjoy!

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