URBAN CALM @ The Liverpool Music Awards


Rebecca Ferguson receiving an award

We witnessed the birth of what will become the go to event of the autumn calendar in Liverpool. Saturday November 17th marked the first ever Liverpool Music Awards and what a kick off it was. Liverpool is such a musical city steeped in history and we assembled to celebrate both the present and future of our music culture.

With the incomparable Mel C. in attendance along with the stunning Rebecca Ferguson, and the ever -gracious Craig Colton, the event glistened with star power and boasted musical gusto. With fabulous performances, a light-hearted atmosphere and a room full of proud Scousers the North West supported their music with pride.

Our own Urban Calm ladies; Nicola Woods- Byrne and Sharon Doyle were early adopters in supporting the inaugural awards. They sponsored the best DJ Award that went to cult favourite Lee Butler (that went down a treat), as did the high-energy performances by Esco Williams and Mr. Colton alongside the funk-soul band Manuka.

A contemporary celebration of Liverpool’s music scene is a welcome addition to the events calendar. And it’s always great to be part of the “first” of something and this definitely won’t be the last. Plus Private Life will be leading the charge to get Sir Paul McCartney up here for next year!

Esco Williams performing 

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