Wine Club Saturdays with Alice Anastasiou


Saturday Wine Club

With people becoming more and more enthusiastic about wine these days and the subsequent plethora of choices on offer, Il Forno Restaurant has created a fantastic opportunity for those who enjoy wine to increase their knowledge in a relaxed, informal environment. Hosted by Alice Anastasiou, these monthly events last around 2 hours where you will get to sample 6 wines, accompanied with a selection of mouth watering regional cheeses, cured meats, olives, breads and chocolate for an indulgent finishing touch.

Il Forno’s Wine Saturday Wine Club is a great education the perfect gift for friends or loved ones.

We asked the expert herself to pass on some knowledge to our audience.



 Alice’s’ Systematic approach to wine tasting:

“Learning how to taste wines is a straightforward adventure that will deepen your appreciation for both wines and winemakers. Appearance, smell, taste – starting with your basic senses and expanding from there you will learn how to taste wines like the pros in no time!” explains Alice.

1. Appearances:

Clarity – wine has to be clear Brightness – shows acidity Colour – the meniscus (edge) reveals the age of your wine Viscosity – density, thickness and speed of tears/legs will show alcohol or sugar concentration

2. Noses: 

First nose - Is it nice? Is it “open”? Is there a problem? Second nose – After swirling, inhale the aromas and define the intensity, the family of aromas

3. Palette:

The attack – Is it warm, acidic, astringent? First impression! Balance – Is it balanced? Is it leaning towards one side?

Body – What’s its very substance? What do you eat in the wine? Aftertaste – how long is the aftertaste? (count the “caudalies”). Is it flat, or do you notice variations?


Whites: Acidity/Sweetness (acidity makes wine “nervous” & “lively” vs. sugar which makes it heavier (“richer”) Reds: Acidity/Sweetness/Tannins (tannins being the mouth-drying texture in reds – they come from the skin, seeds and stem of the grape)

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